Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot

I love shiny, sparkly and glittery things. If I did not have a job where I needed to be taken seriously, I would be covered in glitter constantly. It just plain makes me happy. I stumbled upon Tarte’s Chrome Paint Shadow Pots during an Ulta trip and per usual, I had to touch it and swatch it. Now, I’m very passionate about makeup. I typically get unreasonably excited when I get to try new makeup. But after swatching these Shadow Pots, I actually needed a moment to believe what I was seeing. I’ve tried tons of similar products, and while glittery eye shadow in a pot is typically pretty, this looked like I dipped my finger in molten gold. I was not expecting the blinding, intense and just plain fantastic color pay off from such a light touch (I do not manhandle display products because I love makeup….I would never hurt makeup on purpose!). I was not in the market for a new eye shadow, I didn’t know these were launched, but I found myself trying to figure out what to put back so I could adopt all of the colors and take them home!

Products claims: This product claims to be the richest, most vibrant eyeshadow you’ve ever seen. It’s supposed to melt into your skin without the need for primer, does not require a brush for application and stays put for hours. Bold claims Tarte!

Packaging: Alright, I know we are only supposed to care about the product inside and not the packaging, but the shiny gold lid on this beautiful little glass pot is just so pretty. It’s one of those products you could use for staging pictures….and I might….I just might.

Scent: None and why would you even ask me to smell an eye shadow? 😉

Application: You can actually apply this with your fingers and it will look great. But, if you want the true chromed out, magical, show stopping experience, you are going to need to use it wet. I recommend taking a flat eye shadow brush and using a setting spray to wet the pigment before applying it. The difference is amazing!

Formula/Texture: When I touched it I expected it to be a bit chunky based on how it looked. I was expecting it to feel similar to L’Oréal’s Infallible Shadow – but it did not. The texture was smooth and the color payoff was unexpectedly vibrant.

Performance: This product does not crease, smudge or smear and it looks just as beautiful and vibrant when I first put it on to when I take it off. In fact, with most makeup, I can’t wait to get it off of my face by the end of the day. However, when I’m wearing this, I don’t want to take it off. It’s just so pretty.

Comparison to other similar products: While I have Mac pigments, liquid glitter shadows, and cream shadow pots, this product seems more closely compared to the L’Oréal’s Infallible Shadows mentioned earlier. Even so, these pots have those shadows beat.

The verdict: I love them and I want all of them and eventually they will all be mine. Seriously, Tarte knocked it out of the park with this product.

Let’s get back to the product claims and see how it measured up!

  • The richest, most vibrant eyeshadow you’ve ever seen: Yup, those were some strong claims but they really delivered here.
  • It’s supposed to melt into your skin without the need for primer: I would agree. I wear this on top of a base shadow and nothing else and it was beautiful by the end of the day.
  • Does not require a brush for application: I think the beauty of this product is that it gives those of us who want shiny with no fall out and never want to have to use glitter glue a chance to shine (quite literally!). I like applying it with a brush because that’s what works best for me but I have applied this with my fingers and it does melt into the skin and transferred to my eye lids beautifully.
  • Stays put for hours: It really does.

Pros: Gorgeous, beautiful packaging, easy to use, stays where you put it, no fall out AT ALL.

Cons: It’s up there is price. This is another great opportunity to look for a sale and use E-Bates. If you want to buy this product I would recommend purchasing an everyday color so you can get the most out of your money.


Where to Buy: Tarte Cosmetics, Ulta, Sephora

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