Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches

I am constantly on the hunt for a liquid lipstick that is comfortable, easy to apply, has intense color pay off, is transfer proof, last all day and does not make my lips shrivel and die in the process. Is that too much to ask? It seems like a reasonable list of demands to me! Maybelline has come out with a new liquid lipstick formula that they claim is going to meet my demand. I’m already a huge fan of Maybelline lip products, so this was a very exciting launch. This product is said to “Ink your lips in up to 16 HR saturated liquid matte” and includes an arrow applicator that aides in precise application.

Scent: This product smells like red vine licorice! I really enjoy the scent; the good news is that if you do not, it does not last (spoiler alert: It might be worth your time to hang in there and try this product even if you are troubled by the scent).

Application: The applicator is unique and the arrow shape makes it very easy to get a crisp outline without a lip liner. I will say that it is a nerve racking application process because if you have a child tugging on your leg, a song comes on you simply have to dance to, or a minor earth quake occurs during application, you might be in a bit of a pickle because this liquid lip is fully opaque. Once it’s on, it’s on!

Formula/Texture: The formula is not drying but it does come with a price. When I first tried this product I hated it and wanted it off my mouth immediately. It felt like it was never going to dry down and my favorite thing about liquid lipsticks is their ability to dry down and stay in place. I was out and about so I had no choice but to hang in there. What I realized was that by not fully feeling set on my lips it also did not dry out my lips. Once I realized that it was not going to transfer, I truly appreciate the fact that the sticky feeling is why this product is nondrying. I also think it’s worth mentioning that if you are a diehard matte lipstick fan, you might call shenanigans on this formula claiming to be matte. As you can see from the picture, it’s by no means glossy or shinny but….I’ve seem matte-er.

Performance: While I was out and about, I had some lunch. When I checked my makeup after, my lipstick looked PERFECT. Now, this was not a dainty salad that I carefully ate. I ate one of those preposterous sandwiches that required a plan of attack in order to consume, and I fully expected to look like a terrifying clown when I was done. To manhandle my food that way and not have my lipstick impacted at all was shocking. At that point I decided that I’d judged it too quickly.  This product looks the same when you first put in on until you choose to put in the effort to take it off. I often get asked what I have on my lips when I’m wearing this and it still looks perfect after a meal.

Comparison to other similar products: I’ve tried countless liquid lipsticks so I really know what on the market and this one quickly made it to my top 5. I’ve not worn anything similar and while I do enjoy the weightlessness of liquid lipsticks like Kat Von D and Color Pop, this one is pretty special.

The Verdict: I need this in my life and I need them to come out with more colors. I am a convert, and when I’m rocking a red lip and I need it to stay in my lip lines and look flawless for a long time, this is my go do.

Let’s go back to my list of demands and see how this one stacks up.

  • Comfortable – No, not at all, but totally worth it.
  • Easy to apply- Yes! Keep that hand steady!
  • Intense color pay off– Wow and yes. You need just one swipe with this product and your lips will no show through.
  • Transfer proof- Absolutely! In order to remove this I had to use quite a bit of coconut oil. It was hard!
  • Lasts all day- Their claims that this lasts 16 hours is no joke.
  • Does not make my lips shrivel and die- Yes! Typically when I remove a liquid lipstick, I need some form of lip balm immediately. But when I remove this product, my lips do not feel as dry or damaged; it feels like the product floats above your lips rather than sucking the life out of them.

Pros: It’s long wearing, nondrying, transfer proof and affordable.

Cons: It’s a bit uncomfortable and difficult to remove. I also think the color selection is limited but they recently launched more colors and I hope they continue to launch even more.

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