L’Oreal Face Scrubs. How do they perform and which one is the best?

As someone with perpetually dry skin, I take exfoliating regularly very seriously. Nothing ruins a makeup look like dry patches on the skin. I’ve tried a lot of face scrubs and one of my favorites is the Sugar Face Polish from the brand Fresh. The problem with the scrub is that it’s expensive and I go through it quickly. When I saw that L’Oreal came out with a remarkably similar looking and sounding product, I knew I needed to try it…….and the other two they came out with as well J.  All three versions of this scrub claim to provide you with baby-soft, smooth and comforted skin within one week. They are differentiated by targeting different skin concerns.

These are the claims for each of them:

  • Smooth & Glow (This is my dupe for the Fresh scrub): Skin looks rebalances, healthier, smoother and glowing.
  • Purify & Unclog: Pores look tighter, unclogged and less visible.
  • Nourish & Soften: Skin feels nourished, softer and more supple, dry skin is smoothed.

Packaging: They all come is a glass jar with a plastic screw on lid. It’s functional for using the product but it’s hard to differentiate between the jars for the Smooth & Glow and the Nourish & Soften.   

Scent: These smell really great, which is helpful when you are smearing it into your face.

  • The Smooth & Glow scrub does smell very similar to the Fresh scrub but it’s not quite there. It does smell like lemons and brown sugar.
  • The Nourish & Soften scrub smells like chocolate and coco butter (do not eat!).
  • The Purify & Unclog smells clean and fresh. It’s earthy and herbal-y (if you will).

Application: These all have the same instructions regarding how to use them. You can use them up to three times and week. They recommend using on dry, clean skin and rinsing with warm water. I keep them in the shower (the description says to store them in a dry area but I’m a rebel) and use them right when I get in when my face is still dry. You can also use these products to exfoliate your lips. I did not like any of them for this purpose because I need something much more aggressive when it comes to exfoliating my lips…..like a sandblaster.

Formula/Texture: Let’s break this one down because they are all very different.

  • Smooth & Glow: This is one has the most grit to it and feels like a true exfoliator. 
  • Purify & Unclog: This one is more of a gel consistent and has giant Kiwi seeds (What?) 
  • Nourish & Soften: This one threw me because it feels like a firm chocolate pudding when you dig into it. It’s really hard not to eat! 

    L'Oreal Face Scrubs
    L’Oreal Face Scrub review

Performance: Let’s break this one down too.

  • Smooth & Glow: This one is going to provide you with the most exfoliating power out of the three. It’s got grit but I do wish it had a little more. If you do not suffer from dry skin, this is the perfect level of exfoliation and I think folks with sensitive skin could use this as well.  
  • Purify & Unclog: Alright, this one is just fun to use. For some reason, the giant kiwi seeds are just fun to rub on your face (I’m aware that sounds odd). It’s not great as scrubbing off the dead skin, but those giant seed do help to clear out pores.
  • Nourish & Soften: I’ve been waiting to say it and I can’t wait any longer! This one is my absolute favorite (no, I did not eat it and no that is not why!). I was really disappointed when the labeled this as a scrub and it felt like firm pudding. Then I was disappointed when I was using it and it had the least amount of grit out of the gang. I loved the smell, but felt really let down until I rinsed it off my face and my face felt incredibly moisturized.

Comparison to other similar products: I think L’Oreal did a great job with all three of these products. The drug store has really kicked up their skincare game and I hope to see it continue. The closest product I can compare these to is the Fresh Sugar Polish and while the Smooth & Glow is not identical, the price difference makes it close enough for me to recommend it.

The verdict: I would really recommend giving one (or all) of these a try. Check your local drug stores because they cycle through sales and you might be about to catch a sale on L’Oreal skincare.

Let’s review the claims to see how these products performed:

Smooth & Glow:  

  • Healthier: Yes. Removing the dead skin on your face is absolutely going to make your skin look healthier.
  • Smoother and glowing: While I would agree that my skin was smoother after use, I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually seen my skin glow and frankly, I would be concerned if I did! I will leave it to my highlighter to take care of the glow.
  • Skin looks rebalanced: I’m not sure what unbalanced skin looks like sooooooo.

Purify & Unclog:

  • Pores look tighter, unclogged and less visible: This did not make my pores look tighter but it did unclog my pores.

Nourish & Soften:

  • Skin feels nourished, softer and more supple, dry skin is smoothed: Yes, yes and yes. I really love this one and the claims are spot on.

Pros: These are much more affordable then other scrubs I’ve tried, they smell great and actually do most of the job they claim to do.

Cons: For me, I would have liked the Smooth & Glow to have more substantial scrubbing action. I also think the price is a bit steep for a drug store scrub but getting these on sale makes them absolutely worth it.

Cost: $9.99

Where to Buy: Your local drug store, Walmart or Target.

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