It Cosmetics CC Cream Review

A few years ago the makeup world was overtaken by BB creams and CC creams. I even remember hearing about a DD cream! They touted outrageous, life changing claims that made you feel just plain stupid for continuing to wear regular old foundation. I don’t know about you, but I was overwhelmed with options and when I tried them (and I tried a lot of them!), I still could not figure out why they were different from the foundation I was already wearing and why I needed one in my life………but I knew I needed one in my life.

My mom watches QVC regularly (okay, I watch it too from time to time but she got me into it!) and told me about a brand called IT Cosmetics. She told me that she really loved their CC cream. Given that my mom also loves makeup, her recommendation got me curious to do a little more digging to determine if this one was going to be “the one”. At this point, I felt like I’d tried so many BB/CC/DD creams and they certainly did not live up to the hype. I was excited to see what kind claims this product touted and test them for myself. When I was researching this product, I found the ingredients list and read something that shocked me to my core. I’m talking deep down in my core, people! While the first ingredient was water (okay, fine) the second one, meaning the second highest volume of product in the tube was……get ready for it…….”Snail Secretion Filtrate”. It can’t be! I thought this had to be a term for something other than snail slime. Maybe “snail” means something else! Maybe it’s a word in another language that just is spelled the same as those slimy, inconveniently located, slow, gross, unwelcome creatures that I almost step on regularly (and do step on sometimes because I’m not a ninja…despite my best efforts). So I googled it and, um…….it’s snail slime.

After confirming that this stuff contains snail slime, I felt obligated to call my mom and let her know. She would surely be horrified that she was smearing snail slime on her face and recommending it to others in the process. Instead of the shock and horror I was expecting in response to my news she said, “Eh, I still love it”. She then retold one of my favorite childhood stories about when I was playing in the yard and ate a live snail.

I then started to look into what other kinds of beauty product contained snail slime and it turns out that Korean skincare brands have been using this stuff for quite some time. I do enjoy many Korean skin care lines and my mom continued to support the product even after finding out about the slime. I decided that in the name of science (and after many self-pep talks) I needed to try it.

Packaging: This is the best packaging I have ever used. The CC cream comes in a plastic tube which makes it convenient for travel. It has a pump which allows you to use a consistent amount each time (I use one full pump) and makes the foundation more hygienic since you are not sticking your fingers in the product.

Scent:  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this CC cream smells like lemon cake (and not slime)! The sent is subtle and dissipates quickly; so if you don’t like it, hang in there. My kids think I smell delicious after I put it on!

Application: I dispense a full pump on the back of my hand, apply it to my face with my fingers and use my foundation brush to blend it in. It’s easy, fast and you can add more product if you’d like to add more coverage.

Formula/Texture:  This is a cream product which makes it easy to blend and one of my favorite things about this formula is the SPF 50. I’m a fair skinned gal and having a strong SPF in my foundation is a huge plus for me. I also like the fact that this cream feels moisturizing, but does not appear dewy on the skin. It also comes in an illumination version which adds some glow to your skin. I’m not a big fan of that formula because I like starting with a matte base an adding glow where I want it.

Performance: Unless I’m wearing this on the beach, I set it with a powder. (I realize wearing foundation on the beach sounds outrageously high maintenance but I wear it for the sunscreen protection…….and the amazingly flawless looking skin J) I think it’s important to mention this when we talk about performance because adding powder to foundation makes it last longer – simply because you added powder. That being said, this product stays put all day!

Comparison to other similar products: Other BB or CC creams I’ve tried either don’t provide enough coverage to be qualified as a foundation or simply fail to perform as advertised. IT Cosmetics has really come through on their promises with this product. I try new foundations all the time because, as we’ve previously discussed, I have a makeup problem, but so far none have knocked this product out of my number one spot.

Let’s break down the actual claims listed and it the product delivered. This product claims to deliver 7 products all in one.

  • Full Coverage Foundation: I would agree. I like that it’s buildable up to full coverage but allows you to use a lighter touch to achieve a more natural look.
  • SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Broad-spectrum physical sunscreen: I’m going to agree with this as well. I’ve had more than one unfortunate occasion where I’ve been stuck in the sun longer then I’d planned and burned everywhere but my face because I was wearing this CC cream.
  • Brightening color corrector: I’m on the fence with this claim. Because it is a full coverage foundation, you should get some color correction. It’s the word “Brightening” that I’m struggling with here because I don’t see any brightening effects with this product.
  • Hydrating anti-aging serum: My skin is dry, so for a product to say that it’s hydrating might mean something different to me then it would to folks with normal or combo skin. While I can’t say that this product is hydrating because I still need to use my regular serum prior to applying, I will say that it does not dry out my skin.
  • Poreless finish primer: I have pores and after applying this cream, I still have them. If I’d really like to make my pores less visible, I would need to use a separate primer intended for that purpose under this CC cream.
  • Dark spot concealer: This claim is similar to the color correcting claim because a full coverage foundation is going to conceal both dark spots and color correct to a point. I would agree that this conceals dark spots. 
  • Moisturizing day cream: While this has not given me the opportunity to throw away my serums and moisturizers, I keep coming back to it because it does not accentuate my dry patches yet stays matte on my face which I hard to find. Essentially this product is all about team work. Some folks might be able to use this to replace 7 different product but I find that for me, it works really well with the products I already use to make my complexion the best it can be.

The Verdict: BUY IT! No seriously, BUY IT. It’s a full coverage foundation, it’s sunscreen and it’s skincare all in one. If you can get your hands on the supersized version (the largest one in the photo) it’s a great value and lasts forever. If not, catch one of Ulta’s 20% off sales and shop through Ebates to get a really great deal on this CC cream.

Pros: It performs beautifully, has SPF 50, it keeps my skin hydrated and the packaging is great.

Cons: The snail slime was hard for me but I’m completely over it now. Just block it out guys, it’s that good.





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