Herbal Essences Foam Conditioner Review

While strolling down the shampoo aisle at the grocery store the other day, I noticed a large display that had what looked like mousse bottles housed inside of boxes. I thought it odd and a preposterous waste of packaging, so I had to take a closer look (yeah, okay….the display worked. But in my defense, a bottle in a box?!?! I needed to see what this was about). The product claimed to be a foam conditioner, which I thought was highly unnecessary and gimmicky so I moved right along. As I continued my stroll, I noticed that many other brands also had recently come out with foam conditioners as well. Because of this I started questioning all of my beliefs, picked up a bottle and here we are. It’s that quick folks, one minute I’m a judgmental skeptic and then next I feel left out for not getting to try the new thing. Well done, marketing teams!

I chose the Herbal Essences version because their shampoos and conditioners smell amazing so I figured that if the end result was a tangled mess, at least I would smell good (also it was in a box!). They claim that this product weightlessly conditions fine hair in the shower and infuses it with volume from root to tip. For folks with fine hair, conditioner is something that can be a challenge. A lot of us won’t go near our roots with conditioner because it can be difficult to rinse out completely and results in either greasy looking roots or makes it impossible to get volume. We hate that. I’m 5’7 and simply not happy if my hair does not bump me up to at least 5’9.

Below are the product details from Herbal Essences Website:  






I chose the Cucumber and Green Tea version mostly for the scent. I know that they have a volumizing version, but I’ve never found volumizing conditioners to make that much of a difference in my hair. If you’ve tried a shampoo or conditioner that you feel does make a difference, please leave me a comment below because I’d love to try it.

I was now ready to try this product but realized that despite the fact that I’m familiar with mousse products, I had no idea how to use one in the shower. Luckily the box features a huge graphic that gives step by step instructions. I guess they figured we’d be confused.

Step one: Wash your hair.

Alright, I may have deserved that one but come on Herbal Essences!

Step two: Shake the foam conditioner well.

This sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Metal container, water, coconut oil (click here to read why I have coconut oil in the shower and keep reading to find out why I’m rethinking that currently!) and shaking make for a slippery experience that would be more funny if I did not have glass shower doors. Everything has turned out okay, but be CAREFUL!

Step three: Apply a palm-sized amount from the tips of your hair all the way to the roots (Yes, our Foam Conditioner is so lightweight that it works for your roots!). Adjust the amount for hair length.  

Who’s palm?!? What if I have giant man hands or freakishly tiny ones? Palm-sized is not an actual measurement. And also, if I’ve filled my freakishly large palm (we are going to go with that option for this example, but I assure you that I have normal sized hands ;)) how high are we going? A small layer? A golf ball? A Soft ball? A WATERMELLON? If you’ve ever added too much mousse to your hair then you understand my conundrum here. It easy to go too far, so I started small. I dispensed a golf ball sizes amount into my man hands and went straight for the roots. I then went back for another golf ball for the rest of my hair. I have long hair. If you do too, regardless of your palm size, go with a golf ball and work your way up. Some mousses (messes? mousses? No one knows.) grow when you dispense them, which is both fascinating to watch and frustrating as heck when you are trying to dispense the perfect amount. This foam conditioner did not grow which was nice.

Foam Conditioner Review
Foam Conditioner Magic!

Step four: Let it absorb in your hair, then rinse it off. Dry and style your hair as usual.

I’m merging steps here but you get the idea. So there I was, standing in the shower wondering how long this was going to take to absorb. The only other product I use that asks me to hang out for a moment before continuing with my life is dry shampoo. Since Herbal Essences did not give a definitive amount of time here, I went with 10 Mississippi’s. The foam broke down and absorbed into my hair by then and I rinsed it out. It was at this point I started having concerns because my hair did not have that slick feeling I’m used to after rinsing my conditioner. It smelled amazing so I was holding on to that and keeping my fingers crossed for hair brushing time.

Since I have fine hair, it really likes to tangle; but you know what, I was able to get my brush through it! I was really surprised because I’ve forgotten to use conditioner before (sometimes life is hard) and it makes a huge difference. Despite the fact that it did not feel slick, my hair was actually conditioned. I used my normal products, blow dried and styled my hair and it looked and smelled great.

The verdict:

This was fun! Mainly because it worked. I like trying new things and this one was really different. I’ve used it for over a week now, I’ve varied the amount I’ve used and I have not had any issues with either rinsing it out or brushing through my mop. I think that if you have very fine hair, and because of that are very careful with conditioner, this might be a product you want to try. If you have thick, dense hair, this might not do the trick because it’s intended to be used on fine hair.

Pros: It’s different, it’s fun, it works and it does not judge you based on the size of your palms.

Cons: The instructions were vague but hopefully my very elegant “Take your giant man hands and throw a golf ball sized amount in them” helped you to get past this hurtle. Also, having a metal can that you have to shake in the shower seems a little risky to me, but what’s life without a little risk right?

Cost: $5.32 at Walmart

Where to Buy: Walmart, Target or anywhere else Herbal Essences is sold.

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