E-Bates Review

Do you hate money? Have you sworn off shopping for good? If you answered “Yes!” to both of those questions then go ahead and skip this post. If you happen to be like me and are a huge fan of both money and shopping and would like to get a little money back for the shopping you were going to do already, click here and find out about E-bates.

When I first heard about E-bates I was watching a beauty YouTuber and just assumed that she was adverting this program because she wanted some sort of commission. And I refused to be her sucker…….for a period of time. I thought that this whole “get money for shopping” thing had to be some sort of scam. I don’t know about you, but what I’ve found is that when you give away your money in exchange for goods, you just have less money! The math just did not add up for me and I refused to be sucked into some sort of pyramid scheme where before I knew it, I’m going door to door selling knifes or vacuums. No sir, not today, scammers!

I’d heard about E-bates so often that I made it my personal mission to expose these shenanigans for what they were, the only way I knew how…….hitching a ride on that ban wagon (okay, maybe today scammers). So I checked it out and they offered me a $10.00 gift card of my choosing just for signing up. I knew I’d never see that gift card and would soon be able to prove that this was, in fact, a scam. They refer to it on their website as a $10 welcome bonus and it felt very much like those free Hawaiian vacation package coupons I get in the mail. I decided to sacrifice my personal information (for a $10 gift card by the way……my mom must be proud!) knowing that this would soon cause the influx of e-mails from “Bondage warehouse” to happen to me once again.

About two weeks after signing up with E-Bates something strange happened….the gift card actually came, and it worked!! I received a functioning, legitimate $10 gift card for just for signing up. I then waited and waited for the barrage of spam e-mails (why is spam always porn related?) and telemarketer calls for selling my soul, but they never came. Well played E-Bates! You’ve come through so far and are making it very difficult to uncover this scam for what it is, but you see friends, Sam’s not a quitter.

Now I was finally ready to attempt the cashback process by shopping for items that I was going to buy anyway through their site. I went to E-Bates, located my target (it was likely Sephora), clicked on the link to the store and this magical little window popped up and said that my cashback was activated. From there the website that I had come to know and love looked just like it always had but the top banner said “E-Bates” and there were coupons listed on the right had side specific to the site I was on. From there I made my purchase. I later received an e-mail that told me how much cash I was getting back for that transaction and a few months later I got a check in the mail for that amount. Seriously, that’s it. It was not a scam and now I kick myself if I forget to purchase something through their site.

I’ve gotten back over $150 in a matter of about a year and a half purchasing items I was going to get anyway. The thing you have to remember is that each transaction is not going to make you rich. You will only make a few dollars with each transaction, but it really does add up. Given that none of us can be bothered by actually going to the store anymore because products can be ordered and arrive on our doorsteps within the hour, this type of program can really put some extra cash in your pocket. Now you may be asking yourself how this witchcraft is legal. Great question! The way it works is that E-bates earns money by driving traffic and sales to particular websites which earns them a profit. They then share that profit with you. The cash back percentages fluctuate and they regularly run promotions where you can earn double cash back at certain stores. If you can retrain your brain to check E-Bates before you shop, you might find this program to be quite profitable. I find this to be particularly beneficial around Christmas time or during those annual sales you’ve been waiting for where you want to compound the savings (or if you are like me, use it as an excuse to add a few more items to your cart). For example, Sephora just had their annual 15% off sale for VIB members and E-Bates was offering 3% cashback so technically I got $18% off!

Check it out if for no other reason than to get that $10 gift card! Soon you will be kicking yourself for purchasing anything online (and now select stores are offering in-store cash back!) and forgetting to check E-Bates first.

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