Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer Review

I blow dry my hair about five times a week. It takes quite a bit of time because I have a lot of hair. When I saw that Drybar sold a blow dryer that claims to have ionic technology that seals the cuticle to reduce frizz WHILEST cutting blow drying time by 20%, I was intrigued. These claims raised a lot of questions for me like, “Have my cuticles been unsealed this whole time?!” and “What’s a cuticle?”. While I was pondering my cuticle-based questions, I happened upon the price of this blow dryer, and frankly, was offended. I have been using my good old fashion Conair $20.00 blow dryer for years without issue (unsealed cuticles aside), so the price jump for this puppy seemed preposterous. But it was yellow, and pretty and I reasoned that having 20% of my blow drying life back might just be worth the splurge. Also, my Conair has never made any promises about sealing my cuticles, and all that jerk ever really did for me was blow hot air at my wet hair and I felt like any self-respecting woman should move on at this point. I mean, what kind of example would I be to my children if I didn’t raise my standards and demand a blow dryer that could seal my cuticle and give me some of my time back. A bad example!

Because I was thinking about the children (and for all of the other very logical reasons) I listed (and Ulta’s 20% off sale and quite a few birthday gift cards) I bought it. I considered the $400 Dyson blow dryer momentarily, but then I sobered up and realized that these product just dry your hair….which the air can do if you wait long enough. I can’t spend $400 on air people! But, I apparently can spend $200 on air so let’s dive in.

Drybar is a salon that specializes in professional blowouts. No cut, no color, just blow dry and style. They have locations through the US and Canada and have become so popular that they started their own line of products including the buttercup blow dryer. When I received my dryer it came in a giant yellow and gray box with bubbles all over it. It felt very fancy. The first thing I noticed was the weight of it. It claims to have a lightweight design and given that they use these day after day in their salons, I was really hoping that it was so lightweight that I’d have to be careful to not accidentally throw the sucker when I lifted it. Unfortunately it felt just as heavy, if not heavier, then my current Conair. I reasoned that the weight would not matter because I was going to spend 20% less time holding on to it so that is where the investment (yeah, it’s an investment at that price point) was really going to pay off.

I was so excited to shower and see what this bad boy could do! I plugged it in and noticed that the cord was CRAZY long. This has been a really nice feature. I’ve had this dryer for over a year and the fact that I can walk around the corner and yell  to my kids, “I don’t care whose underpants they are. I don’t want them on my pillow!” has been a huge bonus for me! Performance wise, it turned on, has the same heat settings and cool shot button as my Conair, but it didn’t get as hot and my Conair and it took longer to blow dry! Can you believe it took LONGER? At this point I was reexamining all of my life choices while also examining my hair to see if I noticed that my cuticles were sealed… and you know what? I still don’t know what that would look or feel like, so I have no idea.

So you might be asking yourself why I didn’t return the $195 blow dryer at this point. And that’s a really good question given that it didn’t get as hot, took longer to dry, and the jury is still out on if my cuticle is sealed or unsealed at this point.

There are a few reasons why I kept it and they are as follows:

1.It’s pretty and yellow (I didn’t say they were good reasons I just said REASONS)

2.My Conair died (after like 7 years so it was time) and I needed a new dryer.

3.It’s a good quality blow dryer and it’s probably a good thing that it does not get as hot as the Conair because that was likely causing damage despite the fact that it was saving me time.

4.The long cord that enables me to simultaneously dry my hair whilst holding my sons accountable for their shenanigans. The cord is also very beefy. It really does feel like a professional dryer as far as the quality of both the dryer and the cord are concerned.

5.It was winter and we used the box as kindling which posed a challenge for returning the sucker by mail.

So the question is, do you need a $195 blow dryer in your life? And the answer is no, no you don’t. At the end of the day it’s beautiful, it’s made very well, I’ve had no issues with it and I love the cord…but it blows hot air in my face and I can pay a heck of a lot less for the pleasure. You can then spend money on more makeup…..or save it for retirement, or whatever people are supposed to say ;).

I have used and do love quite a few of Drybar’s hair products, so if you are interested in reading a review about any of those products, please comment below or send me an e-mail.

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