Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows

Colour Pop is a brand that came out of nowhere in 2014 and started offering what looked like quality products at drug store prices. I started seeing their brand pop up in YouTube videos and was interested in checking them out. At that time, you could only purchase their products online and picking out makeup without being able to see or touch it in person is always a risk. But you know me, I’m a risk taker! At $5.00 a shadow (and free shipping when you spend $30.00) I knew what I had to do. Clearly, I needed to try at least 6 different eye shadows (isn’t it amazing how math is really hard, but when it comes to calculating how much your bill will be if you have a 20% off coupon or how many items you will need to perchance in order to get free shipping, we all turn into mathematicians?). So that’s what happened folks! I bought 6 shadows, did not go over that price point and purchased no more than that (everyone be cool and nod along with me….my husband is my editor and you should have heard the rant about that $195 blow dryer I purchased!).

Let’s break down the product claims:

These eye shadows claim to be cream-powder eyeshadows, famous for their unique bouncy texture. They deliver bold color & fine glitter in one swipe without creasing, fading or fallout.

Packaging: These eye shadows come in individual plastic containers with screw on lids. They recommend keeping that lid screwed on tight. I make sure to close all of my makeup securely after use because I’ve had things dry out on me and you only need to learn that lesson once (or like 6 times, but after that it’s totally locked in!).

Scent: Why would I smell an eye shadow? I’ll tell you why, because several makeup brands intentionally make their shadows smell like chocolate or peaches and that’s awesome. These don’t have a scent and that’s cool too…but I had to check just in case ;).

Application: This is where I started having some concerns. They recommend using your fingers to apply these shadows and as an individual with a substantial and meticulously curated makeup brush collection, the idea of using my finger to apply shadow seemed barbaric! Okay that was dramatic. The real reason is that at the time, I’d never used my fingers to apply shadow. We are long past that now and I’ve seen the light. This was back in 2014 and since then they’ve added recommendations for using a firm, flat synthetic brush for placement and a fluffy synthetic brush for blending. I still use my fingers, especially for the glittery shadows because you get more intense pigment when applied this way, and for me if I’m going for it, I’m going full out!

Formula/Texture: The texture of this stuff is oddly bouncy as described! You can press on it and indent the product (please don’t hurt the make up!) and it really does feel like a cream when you swatch it. After you apply them, they look and feel like a powder eye shadow.

Performance: These are awesome! My favorites are the glittery shades because the formula is creamy, the glitter is intense, they stay put all day and there is no fall out. It is really tricky to have this level of intense glitter without having at least a little fall out, but Colour Pop did it. The matte shades are very pigmented as well. The shade pictured that appears to be a boring white/cream color is a staple for me because it adds a beautiful opaque contrast to whatever shade is in your crease. It can also act as an eraser to cover up shadow regrets (it’s okay, we all have them!) without having to wash off all of your progress. When I was swatching these eye shadow for the pictures, I had to scrub my skin raw with makeup remover to get them off. I took a shower after and I still came to work looking like I had stripes on my arm. That’s a great shadow!

Comparison to other similar products: Frankly, with the texture, intensity and price point, I’ve got nothing here. Other brands have cream shadows, but nothing quite like these.

The verdict: This brand is now carried at Ulta and Sephora for a really good reason. The shadow quality is fantastic and you can’t beat the price.

Let’s review those product claims and see how they did:

• These eye shadows claim to be cream-powder eyeshadows: Yep! They are creamy and dry down to a powder finish.

• Famous for their unique bouncy texture: They are indeed unique and bouncy.

• They deliver bold color & fine glitter in one swipe without creasing, fading or fallout: Yep, Yep and Yep!

Pros: These shadows are affordable, easy to use and beautiful.

Cons: At this point I believe you can still only purchase them online (please comment below if I’m wrong here).

Cost: $5.00

Where to Buy: I buy directly from their website. They have sales regularly so if you catch one you can save even more money (or buy more 😏). They are also available online and Ulta and Sephora.

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