Coconut Oil in your shower? YES!

A few years back coconut oil became all the rage. Folks all over the internet were telling us that we need to eat it, drink it, put it in our hair, use it to fill the nail holes in our walls and to resolve international conflicts. Based on these grandiose claims (some of them completely fabricated by yours truly) I ignored this fad out of principal…for a while.

A few months after I’d declared my firm anti-coconut oil stance, I found myself in a predicament with a new mascara that was resistant to every makeup remover in my arsenal and did not respond to either curses or threats of violence. I did the only logical thing I could think of and took to the internet to see if this mascara had some sort of demonic origins. While researching, I stumbled upon an article claimed coconut oil would remove any mascara. I was desperate and happened to have coconut oil in my kitchen, so I decided to relent and give it a try. Depending on where you store coconut oil, it will likely be in a solid state, so in order to use it to remove makeup you need to heat it up. I heated it up by running the jar under hot water, poured it on a cotton round and swiped the cotton pad across the mascara. Before I knew it, the cotton round was black and my eye lashes were back to blonde. I could not believe it. I tried everything in my arsenal, which is substantial, and nothing but this worked to get that mascara off. To this day, I still wear the same nightmare mascara (because it’s that good) and use coconut oil to remove it.

Now that I’d committed to keeping a container of coconut oil in my shower, I wanted to see what else this stuff could do. I started using it to shave my legs and was once again shocked by how well it worked. It prevented cuts, made my razor glide smoothly and kept it sharp longer. The best part is that after you get out of the shower and dry off, your legs are already moisturized. This is particularly handy if you are going to go straight into your self-tanning routine. Just make sure to exfoliate your legs before you shave and you are ready to tan. I must caution you, it leaves the shower/bathtub REALLY freaking slippery! I’m talking DANGEROUSLY slippery for even the most sure footed among us (of which I am not). Please use caution and make sure the shower is rinsed down properly after use.

When considering which coconut oil to buy, you should take into account if you prefer the scented version or the unscented version. When using it for cooking or mixing into smoothies (I’ve tried both, and it’s great) you might want to go for the versions that smells like fresh coconuts. I tried using that one in the shower initially, but noticed that it made my face and legs smell like warm food…which I did not enjoy. I picked up the unscented version for the shower and it works perfectly.

The tricky part about using coconut oil is that it solidifies, making it difficult to use in the shower. I’ve solved this issue by transferring the product from the jar to travel tubes (located in the travel section of your drug store). I do this by filling my sink with hot water and putting the jar in the sink for about 5 minutes. Once it’s mostly liquid I transfer it to the travel tubes and then put one in my shower. I keep a cup in my shower (it’s a stemless plastic wineglass – because we are classy folks in this house).Right when I get in, I fill the cup with the hot water from the shower and drop my travel tube in it. By the time I’m ready to wash my face and shave my legs the coconut oil has liquefied. If you find that you are not able to get enough out, empty the cup and fill it up again with hot water and put your travel tube back in the cup.

I hope this helps and I would love to hear from you if there is any other way to use coconut oil that I need to try.

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