Bumble and bumble: Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry

I have very fine hair – but a lot of it. I love texturizing and volume sprays because I love big hair (and I cannot lie😜). I typically lean towards a product that is intended to be used on dry hair so I can beef it up before I hose it down with hair spray (classy, right?). This product is described as part mousse (but way lighter), part salt spray (but less gritty) – for big, beachy texture with heat styled polish. What I read was “Buy me Sam because I’ve merged all of your favorite products together and you NEED me in your life.” And so I bought it.

Packaging: It’s bright, teal and has waves on it. What more could you want?

Scent: This stuff smells incredible and the scent stays in your hair all day! If you toss your hair around (as I am one to do) it smells like a clean perfume.

Application: This really is a mix between a mousse and salt spray, but better. I use it on damp hair and spray it on my roots by separating my hair into sections. I then do a quick blast at the lengths of my hair and get to blow drying. Because this product is also a salt spray, your hair dries much faster when using it. I usually wash my hair at night and let it air dry for an hour or so then rough dry the rest. When I use this, it cuts the air drying time down by about half. This is great if you get ready in the morning because it will speed up your routine.

Formula/Texture: It does leave a texture at the roots, but that’s how you get the amazing volume. The rest of your hair will feel clean and amazing but if your run your hands through your roots, you will feel it.

Performance: This is the best hair product I have every tried EVER! I cannot over exaggerate my love for this product. I get so many compliments on my hair when I use this. It holds my curl longer and keeps my hair big all day. And are you ready for this? Your second day hair will not need dry shampoo at all. When I wake up the next day I simply run a brush though my hair and I’m out the door. I can’t find a dry shampoo that can do this! They always make my hair feel heavy and while they get rid of the oil, my hair never looks freshly washed the next day unless I use this product. It’s basically two great hair days with one day worth of work. It’s just……it’s just the best thing ever, and now I’m getting emotional so we need to move on.

Comparison to other similar products: There is nothing like this in the whole world, and if I’m wrong about that, please let me know what else is out there because I need to try it.

The verdict: Why are you still reading this? Go buy this.

Let’s go back to the claims and see how we did:

Part mousse (but way lighter): Yes it is! I’m not a huge fan of mousse because I always end up adding too much and it’s difficult to specifically target your roots. This sprays out like a foamy dry shampoo and hits the mark every time.

Part salt spray (but less gritty): I’ve used a ton of sea salt sprays, and while they add texture, they can also dry out your hair and don’t typically give your volume at your roots. This product gives you’re the texture you would want from and sea salt spray with the added volume.

Big, beachy texture with heat styled polish: I completely agree with this one. I get big hair, beachy hair and a polished style.

Pros: The scent and the results can’t be beat. I’d like them to be beat by a more affordable product, but so far this is the best.

Cons: It’s expensive! I wish they would come out with a bigger size because I can go through a whole can in about three weeks. At $31 a bottle, that’s just madness. I save this spray for events, days when I’m going to be photographed – or in case the Queen comes to visit!

Cost: $31.00

Where to Buy: Sephora, Ulta and Bumble and bumble

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